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Slight change of direction

September 8, 2012


It has been a while, maybe i’m not an inspector Gadget of the blogging world in that I cannot muster up the motivation to post a new entry every few days (weeks or even months!)

What I want to share with the world now, is interesting new things that I have learnt during my career so far. If some funny incident happens then I will of course include it into the blog, but I will try to keep to the more educational side of things.

Yours Faithfully





August 2, 2010


Well a lot has changed since I was last on here several months ago!

For a start I have met, dated, moved in with, got engaged to and am currently raising a labrador puppy with my partner Sophie. We have been together six months and the future with her looks very promising. We both have a lot in common, she works for the local council and is fed up of the bullshit and bureaucracy that goes on in her workplace too.

I am sitting here writing this blog, while skipper the black lab sits in his favourite spot, hanging over the back of the sofa with his front paws over the edge looking at the world around him.
Skipper’s life is very simple compared to mine: his day consists of finding pieces of paper to chew up, sleeping, eating, chewing more things, going for a long walk/swim at least once a day. The walks are usually a result of his behaviour becoming out of control. his teeth are very sharp at the moment and i have the cuts and scars all over my hands and arms; I look like a self harmer on overdrive and unlike them it’s because I am getting attention: attention from my puppies teeth!

Big changes have been happening at work also. Rob resigned, I can’t really say why, but let’s just say he went before he was pushed! He has been replaced by Jemma Woodcock and another member has joined the team, Sarah Goldsmith.

Jemma Woodcock – was a PCSO in the local area for a couple of years and had a well earned reputation for being lazy! It has been quoted by members of the parish council that they didn’t even know they had one! On a more personal level, Jemma is fairly friendly and does have a good knowledge of quite a few tea stops

Sarah Goldsmith is a transferee from another force. She was trained to a high standard on things like stinger and other useful skills like off-road 4×4 driving. However the governors do not want to put their arse on the line by trusting the training of another force, therefore she has to do all her courses again! If she ever gets them in the next decade.

More posts coming soon.